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Since Spyic was designed to be a parental monitoring app, it can be hidden, if necessary. You can even set up a virtual geofence to know when the cell phone leaves or enters an area. Apart from location tracking, it offers other useful features like messages, social media, pictures, video, and call tracking.

What if you don't have physical access to the cell phone in question?

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What if you're called from an anonymous number? Can you still track the phone's location?

Part 1: Track A Cell Phone Location by Number In Real-Time with Spyic

At times like these, you can use a reverse phone lookup service like WhitePages. What is a reverse phone lookup service? It essentially takes an input phone number and matches it publically-available with identity and address records. If available, information about the phone number's owner is retrieved for you.

A service like WhitePages should be able to retrieve at least some relevant information about the phone's owner. All you need to do is input the cell phone number in the provided blank form field. Note that the location information shared is limited. You don't get an exact address or geographical coordinates. You'll only know the general area the phone originated from. This is not a real-time location tracking solution.


Finally, you can safeguard your device against being stolen or lost by using an app like GPS Phone Tracker. The app, once installed, shows you exactly where a cell phone is at all times. If a cell phone gets lost, you will be able to see where it fell from your pocket or was left behind from a linked device.

If it was stolen, you can share the location information with law enforcement and request them to retrieve your device for you. Movement tracking: You get a notification when a loved one moves from a current destination.

Those numbers correspond to specific antennas, or cell sites, operated by the phone company. By looking up the geographic location of those cell sites, an analyst can approximate your movements over time. I advised prosecutors on what information they should request to make their case or figure out where someone had traveled and I helped generate court orders for that information. Then when that information came in, I analyzed it, mapped it, and occasionally presented it in court. When it came time for defense attorneys to cross-examine me, they struggled to produce cutting questions.


How To Track A Phone Number: The Definitive Guide

Underwater as they were with incredibly heavy caseloads, little or no technical expertise, and few of the analytical resources that the prosecution had, the defense attorneys I encountered in court invariably were forced to cross-examine me without having performed an independent analysis of the data. But because my evidence was technically complicated, that process broke down. I was seemingly invincible in the courtroom.

Defendants and their attorneys felt blindsided by the evidence I presented and powerless to contest it. Because as technology develops, the law should keep up. Hopefully after listening to arguments tomorrow, the Supreme Court will agree and recognize that we have a right to privacy in our location, even as technology advances and more of that information is collected.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

The important thing to note in the US is that the service you use to track phone numbers connects directly with the SS7 network for real-time tracking. The SS7 network is a database of phone numbers with associated personal details, so every query your phone number tracking service sends through to the SS7 network will produce the details stored against the number. You will know the name of the person calling through their phone number. CNAM lookups can also help you with checking the spam score of the phone number being tracked.

Track Someone's Current Mobile Number Location Free Online using GPS and IMEI

This is very useful to avoid wasting time on unnecessary calls that can disrupt your daily routine! Have a look at the image below:. As can be seen, the search results display wherever the number has appeared on Facebook. It can be extremely useful to know exactly who called you and why, and protect yourself from any kind of fraud or spam calls.

For more information on searching phone numbers on Facebook, refer to this community answer.

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