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Most games run well on this phone, but you may have issues with titles that are graphics-heavy. Its satisfactory day-to-day capabilities make it perfect for the average person. That helps keep your phone up to date and secure, which is rare for phones in this price range. Budget phones often falter when asked to snap photos.

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It has two lenses on the back, both with Zeiss optics. Photos in general deliver accurate colors, and daylight shots are surprisingly detailed. The camera does have trouble focusing in dark conditions. Portrait Mode is available on the back camera, as well as the front 8-megapixel selfie camera. The cameras do a great job of identifying the edges of a subject, struggling only slightly with hair. On most days with medium to light use , we were able to squeeze out a full day of use out of the 3,mAh battery, with around 30 percent remaining by 6 p. But on more demanding days, with gaming, photos, music and video streaming, and a lot of instant messaging, the phone came close to dying around by 4 or 5 p.

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That happened on two occasions. Luckily, the phone charges quickly. We plugged in the phone at 18 percent, and it hit 60 percent in just 30 minutes with the included charger. HMD Global offers a standard one-year warranty on the Nokia 7. The Nokia 6. Device Apps and app settings.

Nokia 7 Plus Review + WORST FEATURE!!!

Battery and charging. Camera and photos. Files and storage. GPS, Bluetooth, and other connections. Issues, support and device information. Language and input settings. Networks, Wifi and mobile data. Security and privacy. Software and updates. Ringtones and personalization settings.

SIM cards, contacts and calling. Media and other features. If you care about fast updates, there isn't another phone in this category that comes close to the Nokia 7 Plus. However, as good as the software is to use on a day-to-day basis, it isn't without its issues and there were several of them. The sound profile would automatically switch to vibrate mode for no reason, and I had to restart the device to go back to my preferred settings. There was also a glitch with YouTube where the videos wouldn't play — the screen would go blank, with just the audio playing.

Once again, a restart fixed the issue. The device intermittently disconnected from my home Wi-Fi network and reconnect.

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I'm willing to give HMD the benefit of the doubt here as the phone is still running a non-final software build. I'll update the review in ten days' time and see if the lingering issues have been ironed out ahead of its formal release. If you've pre-ordered the phone, get ready to install a few day-one patches. I've often heard from manufacturers that if a product takes off in India, it will automatically be a success in global markets. The Nokia 7 Plus certainly has a lot going for it, and the camera quality combined with the two-day battery life make it the phone to beat in this segment.

HMD says it received a lot of feedback from customers in India last year, and it's clear that the manufacturer implemented a lot of those suggestions to make the Nokia 7 Plus stand out in this category.


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Then there's the two-day battery life, the promise of quick updates, and the uncluttered user interface. HMD hasn't put a foot wrong with the Nokia 7 Plus, and it's safe to say that this is one of the best phones of the year. See at Amazon India. Should HMD decide to bring one more device to the U. See at Amazon UK. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links.

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  • One of the best parts of owning a Google Pixel is its regular software updates. Here's how you can make sure you never miss one. Taking initiative and sending out fast security updates is great and it should be the norm, not the exception. The OnePlus 6T's glass back is prone to scratches and cracks. Keep it safe with one of these cases! Skip to main content. The latest and greatest: Buy one Pixel 4 or 4 XL and get one free! Forums Shop Toggle Search. HMD doesn't do dull phones, and the Nokia 7 Plus is one of its best designs yet.

    Nokia 7 Plus Hardware The Nokia 7 Plus is one of the first phones launching globally to feature the Snapdragon — it is the first in India to offer the chipset. The Nokia 7 Plus is just as fluid as the Pixel 2. Battery life.

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    You'll easily get two days' worth of usage from the Nokia 7 Plus. Nokia 7 Plus Camera The primary camera on the Nokia 7 Plus is of particular interest as it uses the same imaging sensor as the Pixel 2. The camera is fantastic — both in daylight and low-light scenarios. The software experience is fluid, but there are a few bugs. Should you buy it? The Bad Availability Software glitchy at times.

    Get the latest How to update the software on your Google Pixel phone One of the best parts of owning a Google Pixel is its regular software updates.